art by paco felici


The following are images of Paco's art displayed in various homes and galleries and also photos of Paco's work space. If you are a collector of Paco's art, we welcome submissions of how his artwork is being displayed in your home. Email us your photos to

May 2003 - Click here for photos of Paco's show at Central Home Goods - a fantastic art, antiques, and furnishings store in Austin, Texas.

Paco and his friend Reverend Perkins. Two hip cats!
January 2003.

Paco next to his new display at one of his favorite eateries - Mr. Natural Mexican vegetarian restaurant in Austin, Texas.
Good food. Good art.

Paco's "Art Shed" - where it all happens!

"EDEN" makes a dramatic centerpiece in the bedroom in lieu of a headboard.

"LIBERTAD" as part of an eclectic art collection

Even the kids appreciate Paco's art in their room!

"CIRCUS" hangs in the dining room. The fantastic chest of drawers below was also made by Paco, made from over 1,000 encrusted pieces of costume jewlery and found objects with glass knob pulls!

"3 Figures" Adorns a fireplace mantle. Photo submitted by M.G., Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Paco at an art show in December 2002 - his art looks great grouped together! This display was featured on several television news programs.

All images copyright 2002 - 2004 by Paco Felici